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Tools FAQ

The Bookstore provides required, optional and individual student tool orders at discounted educational prices. The Bookstore works closely with our many vendors to offer students the best price on the highest-quality tools available. Purchasing tools is a life-long investment in your career. For any other questions, or for more information about a subject, feel free to email us at [email protected]

How Much Will My Tools Cost?
Tool prices are established approximately April 1st for the following school year and are included on each program’s tool list.

When Is Payment Required For My Tools
Tools must be paid in full or charged to your student account prior to the scheduled tool handout in August or per arrangement with the Bookstore.

How Does Our Tool Quality And Prices Compare To Other Retailers?
Saving students money on tools is important to us!

The purchase of tools is an investment in your career that will remain with you beyond graduation. NDSCS diligently works through a contract bidding process with leading vendors to ensure we are able to offer students the best price for the highest quality tools chosen by your instructors. While the tools chosen are not the least expensive available, they are what the student needs to complete their education.

Additionally, purchasing your tools from the Bookstore offers you the convenience of knowing you will have the best tools waiting for you when school starts. Skip the hassle, let us do the work for you!

Who Determines What Tools Are Needed For My Program?
Your instructors choose the specific tools to be used by evaluating the different brands available, industry trends, student feedback, and experience. Great thought is put into selecting the right tools to provide for ease of learning, longevity, and the students’ safety. Quality tools are essential for completing your education and will remain with you into your career.

Where Do I Get My Tool List?
The required tools lists are available in the Bookstore and online at > Tool Lists. The tool lists are updated each April for the following school year in collaboration with your instructors.

What Tools Can Be Purchased From The Bookstore?
Students may purchase program required and optional tools through the Bookstore and receive the North Dakota State College of Science negotiated educational price.

How Do I Request My Tools If Planning To Purchase From the NDSCS Bookstore?
Stop in the Bookstore during new student registration and submit the “Tool Request Form” found in your student folder. If you are not attending a new student registration or forgot to submit the form, please call the Tool Department at 701-671-2349 or email [email protected]

What If I'm Undecided About Requesting Tools From the NDSCS Bookstore?
Submit your tool request form to the NDSCS Bookstore at your registration and indicate that you are undecided. We ask that you please notify us once you’ve made your decision, or we will contact you prior to finalizing our orders in June. If you decide in July or August to purchase your tools from NDSCS, we will diligently work with our vendors to have your tools here at tool handout or with minimal delay

What If My Registration Is Not Until July OR August?
NDSCS makes every effort to provide tools to every student on tool handout in August. To help us in this effort you may wish to contact the Bookstore Tool Department prior to your scheduled July or August registration to request your tools. Our vendors need time to prepare and ship tools, so requesting your tools earlier will help ensure their arrival for tool handout.

Can I Place Special Orders And Order 2nd Year Tools?
Enrolled students may purchase additional and 2nd Year tools through the Bookstore and receive educational pricing. Contact the Bookstore for more information.

Can I Return My Tools?
The sale of student tools is considered All Sales Final. Under certain circumstances, exceptions may be approved if specific criteria are met. See the Tool Department Return Policy for further details.

What Are My Tool Purchase Options If Purchasing From The NDSCS Bookstore?
1. Purchase your tools through the NDSCS Bookstore with credit card, check or cash any time after you’ve completed registration.

2. Charge your tools at the NDSCS Bookstore to your NDSCS account in order for Financial Aid to apply towards the cost. NDSCS must receive the student’s FAFSA results (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) prior to charging tools.*
  • NDSCS Bookstore DOES NOT automatically charge tools to your Student Account.
  • You may request to charge your tools after August 1st by calling or stopping in the bookstore to complete the payment process.

  • Purchasing/charging tools through the NDSCS Bookstore

    These steps must be followed:

    1. Completion of Student Tool Request form and submit it to the Bookstore Tool Department. Typically, this is completed at new student registration.
    2. If a tool box upgrade is chosen, payment is required prior to the toolbox being ordered. (Out-of-pocket expense)
    3. If undecided at time tool request form is submitted, the student must notify the Bookstore if they choose to purchase from the Bookstore by June 30th.
    4. Tools must be paid or charged at the Bookstore upon start of the semester prior to department tool disbursement.
  • Tools are distributed based on completion of payment at the Bookstore. If you are not able to complete payment prior to tool handout please see the Bookstore Tool Department to arrange a delayed pickup of your tools.
  • Your tools WILL NOT be held on campus without payment or prior arrangements.

  • *Need-To-Know information about charging tools toward Financial Aid

    Depending on the student’s program, the cost of the required tools may be substantial; there are times when a student’s Financial Aid for the fall semester may not cover the full balance of their usual expenses (ex. tuition, fees, room, board, etc.) along with the added cost of their tools. This creates a registration issue for the spring semester since students cannot register for future semesters until their current expenses have been paid. To assist with this issue, NDSCS may allow a portion of the tools balance to be deferred until their spring Financial Aid arrives.

    To qualify for a deferment:

    1. Cost of the required tools must be at least $1,500.00 (not including tax)
    2. Student must fulfill one of the following criteria:
    a. Have enough verifiable financial aid for the spring semester to cover the remaining fall balance.
    b. Have verifiable third party payments that will be enough to cover the remaining fall balance (ex. military benefits, trust papers, etc.).
    c. Make a personal payment to bring the tool balance down to half of the original purchase price (not including tax); along with an additional Payment Arrangement with the Business Affairs Office stating a similar payment will be made for the remaining balance in the spring semester.

    Additional information on deferments:

  • Maximum amount that can be deferred is half the original cost of the tools (not including tax).
  • Students who qualify will continue to receive monthly statements for the full amount due and will be charged a 1.75% monthly late fee on the deferred amount.
  • A hold will be placed on the student’s account preventing future registration. When it is time to register for the spring semester, contact Business Affairs Office to have the hold lifted for the day.
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