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Course Materials FAQ

The Bookstore provides many options for course materials to meet the different needs of our students, including new, used, rental, digital and inclusive access options. NDSCS faculty coordinate with the Bookstore to ensure students have access to the correct academic materials to support their learning. For any other questions, or for more information about a subject, feel free to email us at [email protected]

How Can I Purchase My Textbooks?
When ordering online, create your shopping cart with either method from “Where Do I Get My Book List.” Input the address where you would like to receive your delivery or select an in-store pickup option and complete your payment information.
Do you like to pick out your own books? We encourage it! We are open 6 days a week for you to stop in and shop for your course materials. Our textbooks are shelved by Department, Course, and Section for your convenience. We request you have your List View schedule printed or available.

How Do I Rent My Textbooks?
When possible we offer new and used books to be rented rather than purchased. This allows you to rent a textbook for a specific dollar amount, typically 35% to 55% less than a new textbook for a specific term, and then return it to the Bookstore at the end of the term. Rental textbooks must be returned in good condition with no damage done to the book and minimal marks inside. If not returned by the required due date, you will be charged the replacement fee per the rental agreement. Students can rent their textbooks in-store and online.

What Is The Return Policy On Textbooks?
Students have the first 7 days of class to return a textbook for a refund with a receipt. Please refer to our complete return policy available on the Bookstore’s website.

How Much Will My Textbooks Cost?
The answer to this question depends on a number of factors including your book/media preference and program of study. A very popular way to save is to purchase used books. Used books sell for at least 25% less than the price of new books. We realize the value of used books to our students and work hard to provide this lower cost option.

Is It True Textbooks Cost More At The Bookstore?
Not at all! In fact, we’re very confident in our textbook prices being competitive. We allow you to compare textbook prices with Amazon and other popular retailers right from our website. It’s super easy! Saving students money on textbooks is important to the Bookstore and NDSCS.

Who Determines What Books Are Needed For My Classes?
Your instructors choose the specific book, edition, and technology that will be used for your classes. We encourage faculty to evaluate the various textbook options to keep textbook prices affordable for you.

Will I Need eBooks?
There are a few different types of digital course material options available, and it will depend upon the choice chosen by your instructor. The different choices are standard e-books, access codes, and inclusive access. E-book options do not exist for every book. As e-book choices become available to the Bookstore, we will offer that option to you.

What Is An Access Code?
An access code is a password you use to access course content online, similar to a software license. The content depends on the course, but can include things such as practice exam questions, interactive videos to help you understand course concepts and course assignments. If your instructor requires you to purchase an access code, it is because at least part of your grade will be related to and/or from the online content.

What Is Inclusive Access?
Inclusive access is a textbook model that delivers digital course content at a significant savings off the market value of the traditional textbook. If your instructor has chosen to use Inclusive Access for any of your courses, details will be posted in your booklist online and in your course content. Students will receive access to the digital course materials on the first day of class, and the charge will be automatically billed to your student account. Students can always request to opt out and receive a refund within the first 10 days of class (3rd day of class for partial term courses).

What Else Will I Need For My Classes
There are courses that may require or recommend materials other than textbooks. Some of those items include blue books, scantrons, and lab supplies. We are a one-stop shop, so you can get everything you need in one place!

What Do I Do With My Course Materials At The End Of The Semester?
Digital Materials
Digital materials are yours to keep, as most will expire after a specified period of time.
Rental books are due back during finals week or by the posted due date when rented on your rental agreement. Non-returned rental textbooks will be charged to your credit card or student account if not returned by the rental agreement date.
Book buyback is your chance to sell your books back for cash! If you purchased your books, either new or used, you can keep them or sell them back to the Bookstore during buyback regardless of where you purchased them.

Buyback takes place every day in the Bookstore, but you will receive the most money when you wait until the end of the term for buyback. Yes, we pay you cash up to half of the purchase price of your textbooks.

Is There A Bookstore At NDSCS-Fargo?
The Bookstore operates a temporary location at NDSCS-Fargo at the beginning and end of each term for the exclusive purchase of Fargo location textbooks, NDSCS apparel and gifts, and for buyback and rental returns at the end of term. Hours are posted at NDSCS-Fargo and on the Bookstore’s website.
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