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Add an ISBN to your buyback list by typing the number into the Enter ISBN: field. Click the Add ISBN to List button to build your list.

View My Buyback Alert List

Click the link below to view ISBNs in your current buyback alert list. This list may also include books you have previously purchased through this site.

View My Buyback Alert List

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Textbook Buyback

You can sell back books anytime during normal business hours. At the end-of-semester buyback (usually the last two weeks of the semester), we buy back for our own stock and we set the prices. During other times, we buy on behalf of a used textbook wholesale company and they set the prices we can pay.  If possible, it is usually better to wait until the end of the semester to sell your books. Please check the Bookstore website’s Store Hours & Events for end-of-semester buyback dates and times.

  • Your NDSCS ID is required to sell back textbooks and return rentals.
  • Books must be in reusable condition. We reserve the right to refuse to purchase a used book based on its condition.
  • Buyback operates on a first-come, first serve basis. The quantity being bought back is limited and may be reached at any time.
  • The price listed is not a guaranteed buying price; buyback prices are subject to change without notice.

Buyback Location:

  • Daily buyback is held at the Customer Service counter in Wahpeton.
  • End of Semester buyback is held at the Customer Service counter in Wahpeton and see scheduled dates for NDSCS-Fargo Bookstore.
  • End of Semester dates and times will be listed on the Bookstore’s website, see Store Hours & Events.

Sell Your Books Online!

You can now sell your books from the comfort of your own home and the shipping is FREE!  Our store has partnered with MBS Textbook Exchange, the nation's largest textbook wholesaler, to offer you the best prices for your used books.  Notice: Prices listed for selling your books online may not be the same as what is offered in the store. Click here to sell your books online.